I was a cook in professional kitchens for many years and have first-hand experience with the satisfaction of using a perfectly sharp knife. I also know how frustrating and unsafe dull blades can be. When I decided to get my own knives sharpened I found too few local options and the large mail-in services were overly expensive and had very long turn-around times (about 15 dollars a knife and over a month to get them back). That experience inspired me to get professional equipment and learn the craft of sharpening.

I provide same-day pickup and delivery in the San Antonio area with free pickup and delivery on orders $50 and over. You may also drop off items at my location with no minimum order size if that is more convenient. I offer simple pricing of $6 for knives and tools 6-inches or smaller, $10 for larger knives, $12 for larger tools and all scissors. For all other items (such as swords, paper-cutters, or industrial equipment), please get in touch for special pricing.

Use the contact form below to set an appointment or if you have any questions. You can also get in touch through text or phone ((210)-595-9725) or send me an email (TheKnifeGuySA@gmail.com).

Thank you,

COVID-19 procedures-
Due to the pandemic, I will be taking the following precautions:

1) for delivery service I ask that you set the items outside for contactless pickup and delivery
2) for drop off orders I will wear a mask and ask that you do so too and that we keep a 6-foot distance
3) I sanitize all items with alcohol after I am finished working on them

If we stay smart and follow a few public health precautions we will get through this together along with the rest of San Antonio and the world.